Sunday, June 13, 2010

Going with the flow...

My original plan was to have a blog centered around going more organic and natural. Unfortunately - as I found out pretty quickly - this economy isn't the best breeding ground for good intentions. Coupled with the fact that my town isn't as friendly to its green inhabitants as it could be, going green proved to be a logistical failure for me. There are some things I just can't do with things the way they are. So, I scrapped the idea of an all-crunch blog (I mean, how interesting can such a limited blog be?) and decided to go for a blog that's a bit more all-encompassing. Thus, T-Rex and the Chinese Finger Trap was born.

Herein, I'll be sharing the many different ways in which I tweak my lifestyle - or don't, for that matter. It'll be a general thought-dump, made up of the various things that make my life mine, and of the various things I like to try to inject into my day-to-day existence. I hope this plan proves to be more fruitful, and I hope I can provide some entertainment, if very little insight. ;)


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