Saturday, June 19, 2010

I Heart It.

I heart We Heart It.

I also heart Bookshelf Porn.

Two of the simplest websites, but I could spend hours just perusing the interesting images I come across. Maybe it's just me, but seeing things that are aesthetically pleasing is often enough to soothe me, even when I'm particularly moody. Even better? It's free.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Beach Day Pics!

Jen, one of the lovely ladies we lounged on the beach with, had the presence of mind to bring her camera, and captured some of Naomi's finest moments. Cue photos!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Beach Day!

In a happy break away from the usual (home all day, making due with the same games and shows and routines), my little girl and I set out to the beach with a couple of good pals and had some fun in the sun. Some [terrible! horrible!] tanning was done, as well as copious splashing and - you guessed it - sand! Sand, everywhere! Unfortunately, the sun got to be too much, and we beat a hasty retreat after about two hours. But let me tell you, my child is still full-throttle. Beach days are the best!

In addition to being fun, there are also a couple of cool benefits. Not only is a trip to the beach easy on the wallet, but there are also some pretty cool health pluses associated with splashing around in the sea. Most specifically, sea water serves as an antiseptic and pro-healing agent, and as a sinus reliever. I've also read that tomatoes grown using diluted sea water contain a higher amount of antioxidants than normally-grown tomatoes, but that's more an interesting tidbit than a relevant fact. I can, however, personally attest to the happy effects of sea water on the body. I had a split cuticle that was painful and scabbed when we arrived at the beach this afternoon, and now the scab is gone and the area no longer smarts! How's that for cool? (I also got hit in the face by a particularly tumultuous wave and got lots of sea water up my nose. Sure, it cleared my sinues, but getting hit in the face by a wave is NOT COOL!)

I also like to put off any real showering after a beach visit until right before bed. As gross as that may sound, I find that it's really nice for my skin. I'll simply rinse off at the beach showers just to get all the sand off, and then lounge around in shorts and a t-shirt for a few hours after arriving home. That way, I get to enjoy the smell of the ocean that lingers on my skin, and I always notice that my skin is much softer and not as dry as usual.


Sunday, June 13, 2010

To Tarrant

If accomplishment after glorious accomplishment has failed to answer her burning questions, what can be the harm of falling back down the rabbit hole? Rolling, careening, tumbling into the arms of that flurry of orange and energy and sincerity - that embodiment of the hint of madness and his honest acceptance of who she is? Maybe the answer to her question is that there is no answer. How much simpler, to crash into him and lose her mind to the experience.
Be honest. Doesn't a quick romantic vignette add just a little spice to one's day?

Going with the flow...

My original plan was to have a blog centered around going more organic and natural. Unfortunately - as I found out pretty quickly - this economy isn't the best breeding ground for good intentions. Coupled with the fact that my town isn't as friendly to its green inhabitants as it could be, going green proved to be a logistical failure for me. There are some things I just can't do with things the way they are. So, I scrapped the idea of an all-crunch blog (I mean, how interesting can such a limited blog be?) and decided to go for a blog that's a bit more all-encompassing. Thus, T-Rex and the Chinese Finger Trap was born.

Herein, I'll be sharing the many different ways in which I tweak my lifestyle - or don't, for that matter. It'll be a general thought-dump, made up of the various things that make my life mine, and of the various things I like to try to inject into my day-to-day existence. I hope this plan proves to be more fruitful, and I hope I can provide some entertainment, if very little insight. ;)